Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Social & Panel Discussion December 11th

Holiday Social & Panel Discussion December 11th

Christmas Potluck Social * Super Door Prizes

Meeting topic: Writing & Mystery Conferences

Did you know that every year over 20 mystery writing conferences take place in North America? There are also numerous general writing conferences. For published authors, conferences provide great opportunities to promote themselves and their books. You might participate on a panel, give a talk or, if you are unable to attend, send promotional material for the information table. For those aspiring to be published, what are the benefits of writing conferences? HOW do you prepare to get the most out of them? WHAT can you gain from attending? WHO are you likely to connect with?

And let's not forget that conferences offer a good excuse for travel.

At the December INK meeting, you'll get the scoop on North American conferences from the perspective of both participant and presenter. You'll find out WHAT conferences will be available in 2009, WHERE and WHEN they will take place and WHAT some of the conferences involve.

Our discussion will be combined with a potluck social. Please bring a finger food to share with the group.

To add to the Christmas cheer, we will be giving away $100 worth of Door Prizes. Many thanks to $4k Consulting Inc. for the generous donation and to the INK board for matching $4k's donation.

Hope to see you at the December meeting and have a very Merry Christmas.

Susan Calder, INK program director