Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Blog Needs a Devoted Shepherd

The board of Mystery Writers Ink is working hard to bring members lots of cool programming this year, including the usual great lineup of crime and writing speakers as well as our first-ever Master Class for the Mystery Novel, starting after Christmas with Garry Ryan (signup for this is in November, and a completed first draft is a pre-requisite), and an all-new initiative called 'Members Forum'. Watch for news of this at the October meeting.

Sadly, none of the board has leisure to feed this little blog as it yearns to be fed, on a steady diet of writing news, book launches, writing contests and anything else of general interest to members.

If you are a member visiting the blog and bemoaning its lack of new content, this opportunity is waiting for you!

Email your interest to

and someone from the board will leap gladly to accept your offer.

With hopes for an exciting 2009-10 season of criminal conspiring for us all,

Jayne Barnard