Thursday, April 22, 2010

Arthur Ellis Awards Shortlist Announced

Best Crime Novel
Anthony Bidulka – Aloha, Candy Hearts (Insomniac Press)
R.J. Harlick – Arctic Blue Death (RendezVous Crime)
Lee Lamothe – The Finger’s Twist (Ravenstone)
James W. Nichol – Death Spiral (McArthur & Co.)
Howard Shrier – High Chicago (Vintage Canada/Random House)

Best First Crime Novel
Alan Bradley – The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Doubleday Canada)
Elizabeth Duncan – The Cold Light of Mourning (Minotaur Books)
C.B. Forrest – Weight of Stones (RendezVous Crime)
Eugene Meese – A Magpie’s Smile (NeWest Press)
Dennis Richard Murphy – Darkness at the Break of Dawn (Harper Collins)

Best French Crime Book
Genevieve Lefebvre – Je compte les morts (Groupe Librex)
Jean Lemieux – Le mort du chemin des Arsene (la courtee échelle)
Jean-Jacques Pelletier – La Faim de la Terre 1 & 2 (Éditions Alire Inc.)
Diane Vincent – Peaux de chagrins (Les Editions Triptyques)

Best Juvenile Crime Book
Barbara Hayworth Attard – Haunted (HarperCollins)
Vicki Grant – Not Suitable for Family Viewing (HarperCollins)
Norah McClintock – Homicide Related: a Ryan Dooley Mystery (Red Deer Press)
Arthur Slade – The Hunchback Assignments (HarperCollins)
Tim Wynne-Jones – The Uninvited (Candlewick)

Best Crime Nonfiction
Patrick Brode – The Slasher Killings (Painted Turtle Press)
Alex Caine – The Fat Mexican (Random House of Canada)
Terry Gould – Murder Without Borders (Random House of Canada)
Robert Remington and Sherri Zickefoose – Runaway Devil (McClelland)
Jon Wells – Postmortem (John Wiley & Sons)

Best Crime Short Story
Rick Mofina – Backup (Ottawa Magazine)
Dennis Richard Murphy – Prisoner in Paradise (Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine
James Petrin – Nothing is Easy (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine)
Twist Phelan – Time Will Tell (“The Prosecution Rests” by Little Brown)
James Powell – Clowntown Pajamas ((Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine)

Best Unpublished First Crime Novel – Unhanged Arthur

Pam Barnsley – This Cage of Bones
Deryn Collier – Confined Space
Gloria Ferris – Corpse Flower
Blair Hemstock – Bait of Pleasure
Peter Kirby – Putting Them Down