Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ink Presents the Speaker You've All Been Waiting for!

Mystery writers in Calgary won't want to miss our September 9 meeting, when our speaker is Det. Dave Sweet from the Homicide Unit of the Calgary Police Service. Det. Sweet will provide us with an overview of the work of the Homicide Unit, and then go into detail about the areas that are of particular interest to mystery writers.

Det. Sweet will talk about how the detectives of the Homicide Unit handle cases, from the first report until the case is wrapped up and the accused is headed for court.

Please note that there will be some slides of crime scenes that may disturb some viewers.

Ink members, if you have questions you'd like to get answers to, please add them as comments to this blog. We can't guarantee that any of our speakers will address all of the questions, but we will pass your questions on to the detective.

This will be a terrific presentation for all mystery writers. During the summer, Det. Sweet and I met, and he explained what topics he'll cover. This will be a remarkably comprehensive overview of the work of the Homicide Unit, given the time limitations of our meeting.

Meeting time: 7-9 pm on Thursday, September 9. Doors will open about 6:30.

Venue: Owl's Nest Books at 815A 49 Ave SW, Calgary.

Cost: Members: This year, the annual membership fee is a mere $25! Please bring your cheque made out to Mystery Writers Ink, or cash, to pay your membership at this meeting. As you all know, we have an extraordinary volunteer, Jayne Barnard, as our Treasurer. We'll make her life as Treasurer much easier if we renew at the September 9 meeting.

Non-members pay a drop-in fee of $5. If you drop in to this meeting, pay the $5, and find that you like what you see of Mystery Writers Ink, you can sign up for a year's membership by paying the additional $20 at the end of the meeting.